Rearghus ou Scotia[1]

Mannelijk - 501

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  • Naam Rearghus ou Scotia 
    Geslacht Mannelijk 
    Overleden 501 
    Persoon-ID I9520  kleinkinderen
    Laatst gewijzigd op 1 jan 1970 

    Vader Erc na hEireann,   ovl. 474 
    Gezins-ID F3964  Gezinsblad

     1. Domhangart ou Alba,   ovl. 505
    Laatst gewijzigd op 30 aug 2014 
    Gezins-ID F3963  Gezinsblad

  • Aantekeningen 
    • The Scots were originally the Irish of Ulster, some of whom moved to Argyll. The Scoti of Scotland came from Ireland. "Scotus" was the Latin word for Irishman-or at least the tribes in and near the northern part of county Antrim, and
      probably all of northeastern Ulster. The tribes of Ireland in Ulster, especially the the Dal Riada, gave Scotland its name
    • "It has been stated that the kingship of Dal Riata was moved to Scotland with Fergus mac Earca and his descendants, and that later in the 6th century the lords of the Dal Riata in Ireland were also allied with their southern neighbors,
      the Dal Fiatach." Ancient Uladh-Kingdom of Ulster-Uladh, from Ireland's History in Maps.

  • Bronnen 
    1. [S187] Adel site v.d. universiteit v. Erlangen, 7843.