Rognvald Jarl av Möre[1]

Mannelijk ca. 830 -

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  • Naam Rognvald Jarl av Möre 
    Geboren ca. 830 
    Geslacht Mannelijk 
    Persoon-ID I8255  kleinkinderen
    Laatst gewijzigd op 1 jan 1970 

    Vader Eystein Glumra 
    Gezins-ID F3282  Gezinsblad

    Gezin 1 Hild Rolfsdatter 
     1. Rollo (Duc?) de Normandie,   geb. ca. 846,   ovl. 932  (Leeftijd ~ 86 jaren)
    Laatst gewijzigd op 30 aug 2014 
    Gezins-ID F3280  Gezinsblad

    Gezin 2 Hrollaug 
    Laatst gewijzigd op 30 aug 2014 
    Gezins-ID F3281  Gezinsblad

  • Aantekeningen 
    • Rognvald "The Wise" EYSTEINSSON
    • Earl of More and Romsdal, son of Eystein Ivarsson, and Ascrida Rognvaldsdatter, Countess of Oppland,was born about 830 in Maer, Nord Trondelag, Norway. He died in 890/894 in Orkney, Orkney Islands, Scotland. He married Ragnhild (Hilda)
      HROLFSDATTER about 867 in Maer, Nord Trondelag, Norway.
    • "On the voyage Sigurd's brother, Earl Rognvald of More, received the Earldom of Orkney from King Harald as compensation for the loss of his son, Ivar. Rognvald had no intentions of staying in the islands so passed the Earldom on to
      Sigurd, who became Earl Sigurd I of Orkney."
    • "During his many campaigns, Harald allowed his hair to grow long and tangle into dread-locks, vowing that he would not cut his hair again until he was king of all Norway. Thus he had become known as Harald Mop-hair, at least behind his
      back. At first, Harald ruled primarily in the Southlands and Uplands. Jarl Hakon and his comrade, Rognvald of Mere, had originally fought against Harald Mop-hair, but eventually they realized that they had more to gain as Harald's allies
      than his enemies. Harald made Rognvald Jarl of North and South Mere and of Raumdall after his victory at Solskiel over Hunthjof, King of Mere, and Nokve, King of Raumdall. When Harald had finally conquered all of Norway, it was Rognvald
      Eysteinsson, Mere-jarl, who cut Harald's hair and gave him the new name, Harald Fine-hair."

  • Bronnen 
    1. [S187] Adel site v.d. universiteit v. Erlangen, 51648.