n.n. Didden[1]

Mannelijk ca. 1575 -

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  • Naam n.n. Didden 
    Geboren ca. 1575 
    Geslacht Mannelijk 
    Overleden Simpelveld,LI,NLD Zoek alle personen met gebeurtenissen in deze plaats 
    Persoon-ID I18866  kleinkinderen
    Laatst gewijzigd op 1 jan 1970 

    Gezin Mechteld Wevers,   geb. ca. 1540 
     1. Thomas Didden,   geb. ca. 1570
    Laatst gewijzigd op 30 aug 2014 
    Gezins-ID F8132  Gezinsblad

  • Aantekeningen 
    • What does "Didden" exactly mean?
    • An explanation as to the apparition of the name Didden is given by Professor Van Passen of the Linguistics Department of the Catholic University of Leuven:
    • "There is a strong resemblance to a diet-name (Germanic 'theud< >' or 'thiod' = 'people'), more specificaly a familiar form of the given name 'Diederik' (from the Germanic 'theud< >' and 'rikja' meaning 'ruler of a people')
    • Dr. Debrabandere, writer of a book about Dutch and Flemish name history, gives the following variations:
    • "Dieden(s), Dedden(s), Didens, Didden(s), Ditte(n) : patronymicum of the Germanic diet name (Theud< >), like Diederik, 1379 Diederic de Coe Diddeken, Diest; 1385 Wilhelmi dicti Didden, Tongeren; 1560 Jan Didden, Kortessem-Antw; 1581,
      Marie Didden, Luik
    • Thus we can state that this name belongs to the group of "old" family names and that it has been represented in the whole West Germanic language zone (Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany)
    • In conclusion we can state that in the beginning, 'Didden' was a given name which was used as a nick name for Dierick, which was itself derived from names like Theoderik or Diederik.
    • These days different ways of writing (Didden, Diddens, Dieden, Dedden, Deden) or nicknames ('the one from Did') still exist among each other.
    • Finally, the name Didden has also been the source for namegiving of several places: Diegem and Dienen which in the past were called Diedenheim ('heim' = home of a nucleus or family). We find similar places in the Netherlands (Dieden),
      Luxembourg (Thionville and Thiaumont, formerly named Diedenhofen and Diedenberg) and Germany (Didisheim).

  • Bronnen 
    1. [S1525] Website Heman Didden-Geanet.